About Randy Freeman’s Psychotherapy Practice

The focus of Randy Freeman’s psychotherapy practice is to help you, individuals and couples enjoy a happier, more satisfying life. She helps you become more aware of what you and your relationships are all about – your needs and feelings.


When Do You Need a Psychotherapist?

Oftentimes, a personal crisis occurs – or several at the same time. For example, your child leaves for college; your parent gets ill and you have to move… As a result of the crisis, you feel anxiety; you’re so overwhelmed that you become incapable of doing the most mundane activities. You can’t get out of bed because you feel depressed. Going to the supermarket leads to a panic attack: your hands get clammy and you flee as fast as you can. You find that your marriage is a source of frustration and you immediately fight with your partner over ridiculous things. You start smoking again after years not smoking… While your doctor tells you there’s nothing physically wrong with you. These are signs that you need to see a psychotherapist to figure out how to cope and make deep and lasting changes in your life.


Who Benefits From Psychotherapy and Counseling?

• Individuals with depression, anxiety, panic disorders, and phobias

• Couples and families with relationship difficulties

• Anyone experiencing what we refer to as ‘multiple stressors’ and having difficulty coping with these changed circumstances

With the help of a trained psychotherapist, you can step back and understand better what is creating anxiety, making you feel depressed or preventing you from having a productive relationship with your spouse or significant other. What you understand, you can do something about. That’s what a trained and licensed psychotherapist, marriage counselor or couples counselor helps you with.

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To schedule an appointment with Randy Freeman’s Psychotherapy practice located in Wayne, NJ, call 973-449-3948 or contact her at randyfreeman71@hotmail.com.