Randy Freeman’s Educational & Professional Background


Randy Freeman has a rich educational and professional background in health and psychotherapy.


  • She earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Rutgers.
  • To become a licensed clinical social worker – required to work as a psychotherapist – she completed rigorous supervision for thousands of hours.
  • She went through extensive additional post graduate school training at recognized specialized institutes, working with families and couples at the Center for Family Learning in Ryebrook, New York, and completing a two year program in psychoanalytically based psychotherapy at the International Psychotherapy Institute in Washington, DC.
  • She completed specialized psychotherapy and hypnotherapy program at the New York Society for Eriksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.
  • She began her career in Nursing, receiving a Master’s Degree from Columbia University. This has enabled her to better understand the relationship of the mind with the body.

In addition, Ms. Freeman is a member of:

  • National Association of Social Workers
  • New Jersey Association of Clinical Social Workers
  • American Association of Psychoanalytic Social Workers.

Ms. Freeman presented a paper at the International Psychotherapy Institute’s conference on Families and Couples in March of 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The paper was entitled “Grandparents as Time Travelers” and addressed the identifications that grandparents have with their grandchildren that might enrich both the grandparent’s and the grandchild’s lives. By examining their feelings toward their grandchildren, grandparents can learn about themselves and can be there for their grandchildren in a supportive and appropriate way.

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