Randy Freeman’s Psychotherapy Services

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, panic attacks or phobias, if you find that your relationship with your family or your significant other is suffering, if you find that you just can’t cope with several intense changes in your life – and you have been assured your problem isn’t physical – you may benefit from the services of a licensed clinical social worker psychotherapist such as Randy Freeman.

Randy offers psychotherapy counseling for individuals, couples, families or groups. She works with couples either together or individually. If one person in the couple does not want to come, Randy can work with the individual and focus on the couple’s issues. With families, she will work with either whole families or individuals within the family.

Psychotherapy Sessions

Psychotherapy sessions typically run as follows:

  • 45 minute psychotherapy sessions to individuals, couples and groups (including families).
  • The first few sessions focus on assessing the presenting problems.
  • During the third or fourth session, your psychotherapy counselor offers a recommendation for treatment.

The Psychotherapy Process

  • Change occurs by patient and psychotherapist working together as a team.
  • Randy Freeman’s professional training and experience enable her to identify your issues and how best to address those issues so you can make deep and lasting changes in your life.
  • Your work is to commit to attend regularly and take emotional risks when you’re ready. This is an integral part of meaningful change.
  • Sessions usually take place once per week.
  • Your feedback is welcome and encouraged. Patient and psychotherapist are in this together.


How Does Psychotherapy Work?

During the first few sessions, your psychotherapy counselor will evaluate the problems you present and attempt to understand the issues you bring up. You will do most of the talking during the session while your psychotherapist listens carefully for thinking patterns, inconsistencies, and relationship issues that occur in and out of the room. Think of the work you do during psychotherapy as a safe laboratory for every day life where you can discuss and understand relationship issues and explore new patterns.

While most psychotherapy hinges on communication between the therapist and individual, it’s much more than talking about your problems. It is about understanding patterns, triggers and behaviors that prevent you from being productive. Talking to a psychotherapist allows you to voice your concerns and understand the destructive behavioral patterns that you fall into without even thinking about them. As you progress through psychotherapy, you begin to think about new ways of responding to develop more positive and less destructive coping behaviors. You learn how to avoid/cope with sources of anxiety and how to respond without reverting to smoking, overeating, angry outbursts at loved ones, self destructive behavior, etc.

Learn more about Randy Freeman’s psychotherapy practice and her Professional Training & Education.Browse through her Frequently Asked Questions.

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